Pit Bull Escapes Leash, Attacks 2

Pit Bull Escapes Leash, Attacks 2

A dog attack in Mobile, Alabama has shaken the community to its core. The April 2020 incident occurred when a pit bull slipped its leash while on a walk. The dog went after a shih tzu who was also on a walk with its owner. The owner of the shih tzu attempted to protect her dog from the attacking pit bull and suffered bites in the process. Another man intervened but was also attacked by the pit bull. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The owner of the shih tzu suffered minor injuries.

What Neighbors Saw

Eyewitnesses say the pit bull attempted to attack everything and everyone it could after slipping its harness. Reports indicate that the dog has a bad reputation around the neighborhood. “This particular dog is not very nice,” one neighbor told reporters. “It is very aggressive.” That reputation for aggression could spell serious legal trouble for the dog’s owner.

Legal Obligations for Dog Owners

Dog owners have a responsibility to their pets and to the public at large. They must do all they can to prevent attacks and bites. This includes restraining the animal while in public. Though the owner of this particular dog had their pet restrained before this incident occurred, they may still face legal trouble for allowing the animal to slip the leash. Accidents happen, but when a dog owner’s failure to restrain their pet results in injuries, they may be held liable for the medical bills.

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