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A young girl was viciously attacked by a pit bull in Omaha, Nebraska in an incident police say was “unlike anything” they’d seen in their career. The attack began as the 9-year-old attempted to pick up an overturned trash can in her yard. Her sibling rushed over to a neighbor to have them call 911. Even as the police attempted to bring the girl to an ambulance, the pit bull continued to attack. One of three dogs in the home, the violent pit bull was allegedly in heat at the time of the incident. While the girl is expected to survive, the damage done to her face is said to be severe.

Lingering Trauma

While this young girl was lucky to escape with her life, she may be in for more suffering. Facial injuries may take many months to heal, and she may be left with significant scarring. For this reason, many dog attack victims seek out compensation for the emotional trauma they will endure for the rest of their lives. A settlement can help a person get the mental health assistance they need to contend with the incident and with the resulting effects of the attack.

Multi-Pit Bull Home

The dog involved in this attack is said to be one of three pit bulls living in the house at the time. The owner of the dog had plans to breed the pit bull, which explains why the dog was not spayed. Generally speaking, dogs who have been spayed or neutered are believed to be less aggressive than those who have not. If you have children in your home, be sure to get your pets fixed to minimize the risks of such attacks.

Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer

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