Hampton Woman Killed in Dog Attack

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A beloved family dog turned vicious this week in Hampton. Chopper, a 92-pound pit bull mix is set to be euthanized after attacking his owner in their family’s backyard. The 31-year-old victim was outside with the family’s pets when the pit bull lunged at her throat. Despite efforts to rescue the victim from his grip, the damage was done: the woman succumbed to her life-threatening dog bite injuries soon after the attack.

A Shocking Attack

Chopper was one of five family dogs living in the home of the victim. While not much is known about the dog’s history, the victim once referred to Chopper as her daughter’s protector on social media. Despite having owned the dog for about a year, the family had no way of anticipating this violent attack.

The Realities of Pit Bull Ownership

Many dog lovers claim pit bulls have a bad reputation that doesn’t represent their sweet nature. While it’s true that many pit bulls never lash out in this way, there’s no denying the size and strength of these animals. Small breeds like chihuahuas may attack but their size allows the victim to quickly restrain the animal. When a pit bull attacks, however, it takes incredible strength and endurance to fight them off. However you feel about the bully breeds, there’s no denying their potential for vicious and life-threatening attacks.

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