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Emotional Support Dog Bites Delta Passenger

An Alabama man is recovering following a dog attack in a place you might not expect: the Atlanta airport.

The man was boarding a flight to San Diego when another passenger’s emotional support dog attacked. Witnesses report seeing the victim covered in blood. He was transported to a local hospital to treat bites on his face.

The chocolate lab pointer mix was issued to his owner, a military service man from North Carolina, as a support animal. The dog and its owner were removed from the plane, but were eventually allowed to fly to their destination. The dog had to be put in a kennel for the flight, though.

As emotional support animals become more common in society, we must work to better understand their limitations and risks. Though emotional support dogs can work miracles for their owners, they are, at the end of the day, animals. Even the best trained animals can be unpredictable. Dogs may be well-behaved in their home, their backyard or in other places in which they feel comfortable, but they can struggle with overstimulation while in a new place.

It’s possible that the emotional support dog at the airport felt overwhelmed by the plethora of sounds, sights and smells with which he was unfamiliar. Even people find themselves stressed by airports!

The question remains, then, whether emotional support animals put others at risk. This is a debate that won’t likely be settled anytime soon. But dog owners should know that even the best trained animals with the best intentions can perform staggeringly violent acts.

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