Fatal Dog Attacks On the Rise

virginia dog bite lawyerThe number of fatal dog attacks has reached an all-time high says the victims’ advocacy group DogsBite.org. The group has tallied the numbers of deadly dog attacks from 2019 and found the year was the deadliest on record, with 48 fatalities.

Pit Bulls Linked to Deadly Attacks

When looking at the data, it’s important to recognize trends and patterns. DogsBite.org was quick to notice one especially disturbing trend: pit bulls were involved in 69 percent of the fatal dog attacks in 2019. Mixed breeds were close on their heels, as were Rottweilers. While no breed is all bad, pit bulls have earned a violent reputation over the years.

Adult Fatalities More Common in 2019

Children are frequently involved in dog attacks, but in 2019, adults were more likely to be killed in such incidents. For the first time, adult victims aged 30-39 outnumbered victims between the ages of zero and four. About half of the attacks occurred off of the owners’ property. California, Texas, and Kentucky led the United States in the number of fatal attacks.

Important Takeaways

No single set of data can paint a full picture of the risks associated with dog attacks. With that said, this data is disturbing indeed. Given that 62 percent of the dogs involved in these attacks had a history of violence, we must call upon dog owners to do more to prevent such incidents. Animals can be unpredictable, but if their owners know of a tendency towards violence, it’s up to them to do everything in their power to prevent further attacks.

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