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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions About Virginia Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

Q: What are my rights after a Virginia dog attack? 

A: Your rights are to find out if the dog has any disease which puts you at risk, contact local animal control or the police department to file a report and pursue a lawsuit for injuries if certain facts exist. Those facts include but are not limited to known dangerous propensity of the dog, and whether the dog was at large.

Q: What is the average settlement for a dog bite in Virginia?

A: There is no such thing as an average settlement. Every case is different. Lawyers cannot evaluate cases without knowing all the facts and reviewing all the pertinent medicals records.

Q: Can I sue a family member over a dog bite attack in Virginia?

A: You can sue a family member over a dog bite attack.  There is no legal bar to suing a family member.  The victim must be comfortable with that decision and how it may impact their relationship with the family member whose dog attacked them.

Q: I was attacked by my neighbor's dog on my own property. What are my options? 

A: Regardless of the location, you can pursue a claim or lawsuit against a dog owner if their dog attacked you. You can take action against the owner, if there is proof of prior attacks by the dog or the dog was at large or that the owner knew the dog had vicious propensities.

Q: I was attacked by a dog in my apartment community. Can I take legal action against the owner? Can I also take legal action against the apartment community if they knew the dog was dangerous from past complaints?

A: You can take action against the owner. In order to establish liability on the part of a land owner (the complex) you would have to prove that they knew of the dog’s dangerous nature and prior attacks.

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