What is Dog Bite Prevention Week?

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Log into any social media platform on any given day and you’re likely to see posts honoring National Margarita Day, National Siblings Day, or National Take a Nap Day. Good-natured (if silly) celebrations help us honor the little things in life. But these “social media holidays” can also bring much-needed awareness to certain causes. In April, for instance, we celebrate National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Designed to educate and inform the public of the most common causes of dog bites, the event brings gravitas to an all too common problem.

Why Do Dogs Attack?

We like to think of our pets as members of the family. While dogs can indeed play an important role in our lives, it’s important to remember that they are animals first and foremost. When they are scared or angry, they may lash out violently. It’s not always clear why dogs attack, but when they do, the results can be deadly.

Who is Most Likely to be Attacked?

Children often struggle to read the warning signs that dogs give off when they are upset. Adults might easily recognize the danger in growls, raised fur, or baring of the teeth, but kids are often in the dark about these signs. They may continue to play with an angry or frightened dog in spite of these signs. It’s no surprise that children are among the most likely group to be attacked by dogs.

How Can Dog Owners Help?

By following leash laws, dog owners can help ensure their pooch isn’t involved in an attack. Securing fences around the yard, putting muzzles on dogs who are prone to violence, and restraining pups when delivery drivers stop by can also help.

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