Virginia Beach Teen Hospitalized After Pit Bull Attack

A fourteen-year-old boy from Virginia Beach is recovering following a scary attack involving a pit bull. The teen was headed to a nearby bus stop to pick up his siblings when a roaming pit bull launched itself at him. As soon as the dog mauled the boy, neighbors leaped into action, grabbing a pole to separate the dog from the boy and attempting to put the animal in a headlock. Police arrived shortly after. As they attended to the young man, the dog confronted the officers. This led police to shoot and kill the aggressive dog.

Owner Charged with Misdemeanor Dog At Large

The owner of the pit bull was charged with misdemeanor dog at large – a violation that involves allowing dogs to roam freely. She was also charged for allowing the dog’s rabies vaccine to expire, and for an expired city license. Reports indicate that this isn’t the first time the dog has been found wandering on its own. The victim’s mother previously chased down the dog and loaded it into her car to return it to the owner. This time, a visitor allegedly let the dog out of its home accidentally.

The Road to Recovery

The teenager is lucky to be alive after such a scary encounter. While his injuries heal, he may experience ongoing pain and suffering stemming from the attack. Many dog bite victims develop serious phobias about dogs and struggle to heal emotionally as well as physically. For these reasons, dog bite victims often choose to pursue legal action against the owner of the dog involved. While nothing can turn back the clock and prevent the attack from occurring, a dog bite lawyer can help victims recover financially from the incident.

Legal Help for Dog Bite Victims

If you or someone you love has been attacked by a dog, it’s worth exploring your legal options. Attorney Richard Serpe has the experience and expertise to fight for what’s right. Contact his team for a free consultation today.