The Grim Reality of Fighting Dogs

When NFL player Michael Vick made headlines for his cruel dogfighting hobby in 2007, millions of Americans learned about the realities of the seedy, underground venture. While Vick has paid his debt to society, there are countless other individuals who still partake in dogfighting. It often isn’t until these dogs escape their owners and attack unsuspecting neighbors that the issue makes headlines again. A Ridgeway, Virginia teen recently became the target of one such dog.

Attacked in His Driveway

The boy was getting out of his father’s truck when the neighbor’s pit bull approached. The dog had previously been involved in a fight with the family’s own pet boxer, but the scuffle had been broken up before damage could be done. This time, the pit bull launched itself at the teen, attacking and holding on despite the boy’s father’s attempts to intervene. The man and dog engaged in a kind of tug of war over the teen, with the dog only giving up after multiple hits to its head. The teen was rushed to the hospital for treatment, but his family expects months of recovery time.

A History of Violence

The boy’s father told reporters he’d seen the dog’s owner training his pet to fight. The owner beat the dog with a tire, trying to toughen it up. While there’s no clear evidence linking the owner to a dogfighting ring, the abuse and cruelty bred into the dog is obvious. When pet owners mistreat their dogs and train them to act aggressively, they put their neighbors at risk. Cruel dog owners can be held liable for the damage caused by their pets, so we encourage the victim in this case to consult with an experienced dog bite lawyer immediately.

Dog Bite Lawyer Richard Serpe

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