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With the busy holiday season bringing many packages to many houses, it’s important to remember now—as with any time of the year—that dog attacks pose a serious risk for those who deliver our mail.

A recent article in the Washingtonian highlights the dangers posed by vicious dogs whose owners do not take proper care to secure them from attacking others. Many mail carriers must undergo training to ensure that they are prepared for a dog attack whenever it may occur. Last year, the Postal Service recorded almost 6,000 separate dog attacks, and now every new mail carrier must attend “animal-safety workshops.”

We should all be aware of how our pets may harm others—as one Postal Service employee notes, dogs are in “protective mode” when on their family’s property. It’s especially important to be aware of the risks endured by mail carriers, who, unlike “normal” pedestrians, must actually come onto a family’s property in order to deliver a family’s mail.  Taking care to make sure your dog is properly secured is vital to reduce the number of dog bites and dog attacks on mail carriers and the public at large.

Let us all help to protect our friendly neighborhood mail carrier by taking measures to prevent dog attacks!


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