Portsmouth Toddler Killed by Family Pit Bull

A 2-year-old Portsmouth boy has died at a local hospital after being attacked by the family dog. Early reports indicate that the toddler was attacked at home by the pet pit bull, suffering serious wounds. First responders transported the victim to a local hospital, but tragically, he was unable to recover. The boy succumbed to his injuries in the hospital hours after the attack. Now, a family is grieving the loss of their child and the dog remains in quarantine.

New Setting, New Anxieties

Not much is known about the moments leading up to the attack. One neighbor said the family had just moved into the apartment complex where the attack occurred. While it’s impossible to know exactly what led the pit bull to lash out violently, it’s possible the dog was feeling anxious in his new surroundings. Increased anxiety can sometimes lead dogs to act out in unexpected and violent ways, but it’s hard to speculate what triggered the animal to attack.

Help for Families in Mourning

The loss of such a young child is profound, and we extend our deepest sympathies to the victim’s family. While the services of a dog bite lawyer aren’t always needed in the wake of a dog bite, families may want to pursue a confidential consultation before making any decisions moving forward. It’s hard enough to mourn the loss of your child without adding the pressure of legal decisions to the burden such families bear. A free, no-obligation consultation can provide much-needed insight into next steps, freeing families to focus on their grief.

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