Pit Bull Victims Speak Out

Pit Bull Victim Awareness Day was created to amplify the voices of dog bite victims everywhere. The day also helps to honor those who have been injured or killed in senseless attacks, giving their families the chance to grieve and share their stories. A Zoom Conference was held to process these losses and come together as a community. It’s just one of the many ways pit bull victims are sharing their experiences, goals, and dog bite statistics with the world.

What Victims Want

During the first nine months of 2020, 31 people succumbed to deadly attacks by pit bulls in the United States. 69 percent of all dog bites last year involved pit bulls. Victims of these attacks are eager to spread the news and prevent additional attacks from occurring. Too often, pit bull owners have no insurance to cover the expenses of the victims. This leaves many victims with expensive medical bills on top of the pain and suffering they bear from the attack itself.

How Organizations are Responding

The plight of pit bull victims is not going unheard by major victim’s rights organizations in the U.S. Dogsbite.org founder and President Colleen Lynn says public health officials need to take action. “The public maulings persist because many local lawmakers and state legislators refuse to act,” Lynn says. “Instead, they remain silent and tolerate barbaric attacks by these known dangerous dog breeds. The CDC tolerates them too, the “nation’s health protection agency.” Over 450 Americans have been brutally killed by pit bulls since the CDC stopped collecting breed data for fatal dog attacks in 1998.”

Compassionate Representation for Dog Bite Victims

If you or someone you love has suffered injuries because of a pit bull or another breed of dog, you have rights. A consultation with an experienced dog bite lawyer can help you understand those rights and illuminate the path forward. Don’t let negligent dog owners take advantage of you. Start your free case review right now.