Off-Leash Pit Bull Attacks 2 in Petco

Two people and a dog suffered bites from an attacking pit bull that had slipped its leash in a Georgia Petco in December. The pit bull’s owner is now facing charges for allowing her pet to run loose in public. News reports about the incident show that the dog was collared before spotting and snarling at a Husky in the store. The pit bull slipped his collar and lunged at the Husky before attacking a customer.

When a grooming employee attempted to intervene, the pit bull bit again. The dog was finally restrained in a crate outside when police arrived.

“He Didn’t Attack Anybody”

The pit bull’s owner denies accounts that her dog bit two people and the Husky at Petco. While she faces a legal battle, pet store shoppers say they feel frightened to bring their animals in and risk a similar incident. Though the dog in question is not currently at risk of attacking again, there’s nothing stopping other aggressive pets from acting out in the store.

Though two people were hospitalized following the attack, the dog owner’s denial of the incident is indeed frightening. While accidents can happen anywhere dogs go, it is certainly disturbing to hear the denial from the dog owner’s own mouth.

Justice for Dog Bite Victims

This attack shows just how much is at risk every time a dog and their owner visits a pet store. Even shoppers who leave their pets at home are at an increased risk of attack when violent dogs get loose.

Thankfully, there are ways for dog bite victims to seek recompense after an attack. Pet owners are liable for the damage they do to others, and this particular dog owner may indeed be held responsible for the hospital bills accrued by the victim. An experienced dog bite lawyer can help victims understand their rights and seek legal action following an attack.

Dog Bite Lawyer Richard Serpe

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