DC Woman Killed by Pet Pit Bull

A 55-year-old Washington, DC woman is dead after being mauled by her pet pit bull, Kaine. Reports show that the woman’s husband stepped out for just 15 minutes, and upon return, he’d found that the dog had killed his wife. He says the woman and the dog were close, and that the animal may have snapped when she took away his food. These speculations are just that: speculations. We may never know why the dog attacked the woman who had given him a loving home for eight years. The dog has since been put down.

When Pit Bulls Snap

Some pit bull defenders will argue that the breed is no more dangerous than any other kind of dog. While this may or may not be true, the breed has the kind of size and strength that few others do. Unlike smaller breeds like chihuahuas or beagles, pit bulls are often pure muscle, with strong jaws that lock up when they fix onto something. It’s possible that the food this dog was after was the source of tension, causing the pit bull to fixate only on the thing his owner was trying to take away.

When Bite History is a Mystery

The widowed husband says they adopted the dog from a relative when he was a puppy. No indications have been given about whether or not the dog in question has a history of violent behavior. When this is the case, it can be difficult to place blame with anyone in particular. If the owners knew that the dog had a violent past, though, they may not have any legal recourse in the wake of the tragic death.

How a Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help

It’s not easy to know where to turn after a dog bite, particularly if the dog involved was a beloved pet. The first step for any victim should be the hospital, but afterwards, consider consulting with a Virginia dog bite lawyer like Richard Serpe. His experience and insight can provide you with the tools you need to seek justice. Call today for a free consultation.