Texas Mom Killed by Pet Pit Bulls

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Upon visiting her two dogs at the local animal hospital, a mother of two was mauled to death. The woman was attacked by her two pit bulls after spending time with the dogs in the outdoor area. Only sometime after did the facility’s employees realize that the victim had been attacked by the two dogs. When they discovered her bleeding profusely and seriously injured they called 911. After police arrived the two dogs remained hostile over the victim and continued to attack her. The officers were forced to shoot the dogs and they were both killed as a result. It was reported that two pit bulls were being quarantined at the hospital after escaping the victim’s home and attacking a neighbor.

Animals First, Pets Second

Dog attacks, like any other accident, can happen when we least expect it. The sad fact remains that while we may train and establish trust with our dogs, they are still animals. Unfortunately, that means that we cannot accurately predict how they will respond to certain stimuli. At the end of the day, it is important to exercise caution whenever introducing pets to unfamiliar or stressful environments.

Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer

It’s not easy to know where to turn after a dog bite, particularly if the dog involved was a beloved pet. The first step for any victim should be the hospital, but afterward, consider consulting with a Virginia dog bite lawyer like Richard Serpe. His experience and insight can provide you with the tools you need to seek justice. Call today for a free consultation.