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A 12-year-old girl from North Carolina is recovering after a scary run in with a neighborhood pit bull on the loose. Reports show that the girl was heading home from school and had just gotten off of her school bus when a neighbor’s pit bull ran in for the attack. Even in her own yard, the girl was unable to pull the dog off of her. The victim recently told reporters that the experience was “terrifying,” and that the animal bit at both her arms and legs while she screamed for help. It wasn’t until the dog owner helped to pull the dog off of the girl until she was able to escape.

The victim suffered 49 puncture wounds and cuts in the attack. Though the dog is typically chained up in their yard, this aberration led to serious consequences for a young girl.

The mother of the victim is seeking justice for her daughter. She is demanding that the dog be put down because the animal might have killed the girl had someone not stepped in. The dog is currently under a 10-day quarantine. No word has been given about its fate beyond the 10 days.

The Rights of Victims

This young girl will likely suffer from the trauma of this accident long after her wounds heal. Dog attacks like this one can be incredibly traumatizing for children. She may develop a phobia and need significant counseling to treat her anxieties related to the incident. Thankfully, dog bite victims are often entitled to compensation for their suffering. Should the girl’s mother wish to take legal action, a dog bite injury lawyer can help collect evidence to hold the dog owner responsible for their pet.

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