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Members of the Responsible Citizens for Public Safety activist group held a rally last week to raise awareness about the dangers of pit bull attacks. The event, hosted on the steps of the Michigan State Capitol, included testimony from victims and experts alike. Members say they want increased regulations around the way pit bulls are bred. The primary goal of the rally, however, was to bring attention to the struggles of dog bite victims who suffer long after their physical injuries heal.

The Psychological Impact of a Dog Bite

Dog bite victims often sustain lifelong psychological damage in their attacks. Some victims develop post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of their bites, and others experience phobias about dogs of all sizes and breeds. Treating the physical trauma of a dog attack can be a lifelong journey, too. Facial scarring can lead to self-esteem issues, and cause many dog bite victims to seek corrective surgeries to repair the damage.

Why Pit Bulls are Especially Dangerous

However you feel about pit bulls, there’s no denying they’re bigger and stronger than many other dog breeds. When their jaws lock down on a victim, the dogs become nearly impossible to fend off. The Responsible Citizens for Public Safety are working towards breed safety laws that include neuter and spay requirements. While broad legislation regulating the breed is unlikely any time soon, many apartment communities have already begun banning pit bulls from their property.

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