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Authorities say a pair of German shepherds are to blame for a West Virginia boy’s hospitalization. The five-year-old was playing outside on Christmas day when the dogs attacked. Police say they aren’t sure who the dogs belong to or how they got loose. An investigation into the incident is ongoing. One thing is for sure: the victim’s life will never be the same.

Why Children are Victimized

While we may think of dogs as man’s best friends, children are among the most likely to be victimized by violent dog attacks. That’s because kids and dogs have a fundamental failure to communicate. Adults may be more cautious when interacting with dogs they don’t know, and they’re also more aware of warning signs the animal puts off. Children, on the other hand, aren’t as familiar with the telltale signs that an animal is unfriendly. While dog lovers know to back off of pooches that snarl, growl, or lower their tails, kids may not see these red flags for what they are: warning signs. Children are also smaller and less capable of fending off attacking dogs.

Hope for Dog Bite Victims

While no update has been given about the boy’s condition, we do know that he was flown to a Washington, D.C. area hospital for treatment. After suffering bites on his arms and chest, the victim likely has a long road to recovery ahead. In addition to the physical scars he’ll retain from the attack, the victim may also suffer emotional wounds. Some dog bite victims develop phobias after their attacks, never fully recovering from the psychological trauma they endured.

Thankfully, there is hope for dog bite victims. Dog owners can be held legally responsible for the damages caused by their pets. Should the family of the victim opt to pursue legal action against the dog owner, they may recover costs associated with medical treatment, emotional damage, and pain and suffering. This kind of compensation can go a long way in repairing the damage done in a dog attack.

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