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A Georgia family is mourning the loss of their infant after a brutal dog attack in their home. Police responded to a 911 call about the attack earlier this month in Forest Park, Georgia. They arrived to find a five-month-old baby girl dead from injuries sustained in a dog attack.

The family says the girl was put to sleep by a friend of the family earlier in the night and was left alone to sleep. When the family friend nodded off in the other part of the house, their pet german shepherd attacked. The infant’s mother returned home and found her child dead in her crib.

Though the family friend had been a roommate for many months and the dog had never exhibited signs of violence in the past, the german shepherd was euthanized for his role in the attack. The dog owner and family are bewildered at the sudden change in behavior, noting that the dog had previously been very gentle with the baby. Police have not charged the dog owner nor the parents of the baby for their role in the attack.

Too often, we entrust the safety of our family to large dogs, believing them to be rational creatures. While some pets can indeed act as watch dogs, they also have the potential to snap for virtually no reason whatsoever. Parents should never leave a dog alone with an infant, especially a large dog like a german shepherd. If you or someone you know has a dog and a baby, remind them of the potential for danger.

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