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A family pit bull is to blame for the brutal, fatal mauling of a 9-month-old Florida baby. The child was under the care of her grandmother at the time of the attack. News reports indicate that the woman had taken her three pit bulls for a walk. Upon returning, one of the dogs immediately fled to the living room and attacked the baby. By the time the grandmother had called 911, the child was dead.

The Pack Mentality

While initial reports indicate that the attack was carried out by just one of the three pit bulls in the home, the presence of the other animals may have contributed to the incident. Dogs develop a single-mindedness when in the company of their fellow canines. A competition for attention, food or dominance can easily break out. It’s possible that the three pit bulls (one older female dog and her two adult offspring) experienced a similar mentality at the time of the attack.

A Reckless Environment

Some child welfare advocates argue that a home with multiple bully breed dogs is not safe for little ones. Even if the dogs in this incident were raised in the home and never exhibited dangerous behaviors before, the possibility for violence remains. Parents must consider such attacks as real possibilities when large dogs are in the mix. The only way to guarantee your child won’t become a victim of a fatal mauling is to ensure they’re not in the presence of dogs. That’s a sacrifice not every pet owner parent is willing to make.

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