Free Virginia Dog Bite Case Review:


Facial Injuries: $110,000.00

Client sustained serious facial injuries after being attacked by dog in Chesapeake, VA. April 15, 2020 READ MORE

Arlington Child Bite: $130,000.00

5-year-old girl attacked and bitten on face, lip, and mouth by neighbor's dog. Arlington, VA August 24, 2019 READ MORE

Norfolk Postal Worker: $100,000.00

Postal worker sustained a serious knee  injury after being attacked by a German Shepherd while at work. Norfolk, VA August 23, 2019 READ MORE

FedEx Delivery Driver: $100,000.00

FedEx delivery driver sustained major injuries to arm after being bitten while working. Wythe County, VA August 23, 2019 READ MORE

Fairfax Passerby: $40,000.00

Client passing woman walking dogs in a parking lot when they suddenly attacked him. Fairfax, VA August 23, 2019 READ MORE