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Could Unregulated Pet Transport Groups be to Blame for Fatal Dog Bites?

Animal lovers are passionate about rescuing dogs from shelters where they risk be euthanized. But experts say that the informal network of dog lovers who transport animals across state lines is unregulated to an unsafe degree. An elderly woman in Virginia Beach died earlier this year when her recently adopted dog attacked. The dog came from a pet rescue, but was brought in from New York where it had previously attacked another person.

Experts say many of these pet lover networks formed after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. Rescuers took in dogs abandoned in the hurricane and brought them to states where foster families could work to adopt them out to families. With the infrastructure in place, volunteers passionate about “no-kill” shelters have continued to bring dogs into states where euthanasia is less practiced.

While fewer animals euthanized is indeed a great goal, unfortunately, this mission comes at a cost: the transport of dogs with violent histories and no way to track their past. Had the Virginia Beach woman known about the dog’s violent past, she would likely have chosen a different pet. Until rules or regulations are officially put into place, though, things are unlikely to change.

If you and your family are interested in adopting a dog but aren’t sure of the animal’s past, do all you can to investigate before bringing the dog into your home. Choosing a dog that was born and has always lived in your state can reduce the chances of adopting a pet with a violent history.

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