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Police Search for Attacking Schnauzers in James City Co.

Police are on the hunt for two dogs believed to have attacked a person in James City county. The bites occurred on August 18, 2017, but the dogs have still not been located. Police say the dogs will not necessarily be confiscated, but will be placed on an in-home confinement period of 10 days. If the dogs aren’t located soon, the person bitten will be forced to undergo treatment for rabies, something no one wants to undergo. It is believed that the two dogs in question are schnauzers whose family lives in the Fenwick Hills subdivision of James City county.

When a person is bit by dogs on the loose, it can be difficult for the victim to seek the appropriate treatment afterward. If the dogs were indeed rabid, the victim will need to undergo expensive, life-saving treatment.

Anyone with knowledge of the incident or who might have been involved is encouraged to call the Peninsula Health District – Williamsburg Area Environmental Health Office at 757-603-4277.

We send our best wishes to the person bit a speedy and complete recovery.

Similar to German Shepherds, giant schnauzers were bred to assist soldiers in Germany. Though the dogs tend to be fiercely loyal and incredibly intelligent, they can also be anxious around strangers and lash out violently.

Like with any dog, we encourage strangers to avoid approaching animals they don’t know. Even the friendliest of dogs can act unpredictably around people they haven’t met before. Always ask dog owners before reaching out to pet unfamiliar dogs.

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