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Police: Pit Bull Had History of Violence

As investigations into the death of a Goochland pit bull owner continue, we’re learning more and more about the dogs in question. The pit bull that mauled the woman to death while on a walk in her neighborhood has a history of aggression, news reports say. The dog, named Pacman, had previously been adopted from a shelter and returned after he snapped at the owner.

History of Aggression

This news comes on the heels of a similar attack that occurred in Virginia Beach earlier this year. A senior citizen was viciously and fatally attacked by a pit bull that had been adopted earlier that day. Investigations into her death revealed that the dog in question had been adopted out and returned for aggressive behavior. This occurred before the dog was moved across state lines, essentially giving the animal a clean slate. The woman who adopted the dog in Virginia Beach was not told of his violent history.

Registry for Violent Dogs

While there is no easy solution for tracking the violent behaviors of dogs, some have suggested a national registry for aggressive pets. As it stands now, dogs may be tracked at the state level, but once the animal is relocated to a new area, their history can be easily covered up. Some advocates say that a registry for aggressive dogs could change the way people adopt pets and add dogs to their families. At the very least, a registry like this might prevent some of the horrific deaths associated with dog attacks.

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