NSU Student Bitten by Police Dog

A 21-year-old Norfolk State University student is recovering following a vicious bite from a police dog. An Army reservist, was attending an off-campus party when police arrived to break up a fight important link. When she tried to walk away from the incident, police restrained her. She refused to answer questions and was attacked by a police dog.

The bite landed her in the hospital, where she would ultimately receive 40 stitches. The wound will likely need plastic surgery, a family member told 13newsnow.com. Police Chief Michael Goldsmith addressed the incident, expressing concern over the extreme use of force in a situation that simply did not cause for that degree of action. She is due in court in March. The investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

The idea of releasing a dangerous police dog on a young girl is shocking. Given the fact that the dog bite victim stands just 5’3″ and weighs about 120 pounds, police should have had no trouble restraining her without harm. Police dogs are incredibly powerful creatures, as dangerous as any weapon police have available for use. Officers clearly did not think their decision to use dogs in this situation through. The fact that the girl had multiple bites and required 40 stitches speaks to the severity of this attack.