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Keeping Your Dog (and Your Guests) Safe at Your July 4th BBQ

A dog’s home is his territory. Any time a stranger steps foot on the property, a dog’s senses are heightened. While most pups won’t lash out violently when they find guests on their turf, they may become more easily agitated. Agitation is often what leads to dog attacks, so it’s important bear in mind the risks. If you’re hosting friends and loved ones at your place this Independence Day, follow a couple of easy tips to ensure both human and animal party guests feel safe.

Leashing your dog or putting him on a lead connected to a tree is the best way to make sure you dog is secure. It also guarantees that folks uncomfortable with dogs can stay away from your pet with ease. If you choose not to leash your dog for the barbecue, ensure your pet is in a fenced yard with no chance for escape. Gates swinging open and closed as guests arrive are a surefire way for your dog to escape and risk getting hit by a car.

Feed your dog before folks arrive, and offer him plenty of treats during the BBQ. Your primary party activity will likely be eating the kinds of food dogs dream about: hot dogs, burgers, sausages and steaks. To avoid any squabbles over food with the pooch, feed him a big meal before guests arrive and continue to give him treats throughout the event so he won’t feel aggressive towards people eating.

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