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Huskies Linked to “Crib Snatching” Infant Attacks

When most of us think of Huskies, we picture gorgeous, snowy-white dogs bounding through the tundra ice. Others picture their beloved pet. For some, though, huskies are synonymous with something more sinister: crib snatching.

That’s the term used by some critics of the Husky breed of dog. They say the breed has a long track record of killing newborn babies in their bassinets. That’s exactly what happened in Bangor, Maine earlier this summer.

A couple was visiting family in Bangor when the family Husky attacked their sleeping infant at 5:30 AM. Though the dog had not been aggressive before, the parents awoke to find the dog attacking their baby. Tragically, the child succumbed to injuries sustained in the attack.

The dog will be euthanized, sources report.

This is far from the first time a Husky has acted in such a way. In Rhode Island in 2005, a 7-day-old newborn was pulled from her crib by the family Husky when her mother left the room momentarily. The baby was fatally wounded in the attack. Similar instances have occurred in New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois and Minnesota.

While not all huskies may act this way, the connection between the events is certainly disturbing. If you have a husky at home, be sure to never leave them unattended with a baby or young child. That is good advice for any breed of large dog.

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