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FL Woman Killed by Pet Bull Dog, Pit Bull

A 41-year-old Florida woman is one of several victims of fatal dog bites in 2017. Her attack occurred back in August but only made headlines this month. Reports show that the woman was found dead in her yard by a neighbor after being attacked by her beloved pet bulldog and pit bull. While it’s unclear what led to the attack, there’s no doubt that her pets were to blame for the vicious, fatal bites. The dogs were euthanized after police found the woman’s body.

Attacks like this one may shock dog owners, but they are more common than you might expect. Even loyal dogs can become overwhelmed by the instinct to kill perceived enemies. In some cases, dog owners become the target of this instinct by accident. Though dogs are not naturally inclined to attack humans, if they fear they are being threatened, they will lash out violently. Because no one was around to witness the Florida woman’s attack, we’ll never know what set the dogs off.

Less commonly, dogs who are sick or wounded can act violently towards those trying to help them. There has been no indication that the dogs involved in this fatal attack were hurt in any way. The reason for their attack will likely remain a mystery.

If you have dogs in your home, be sure to brush up on your knowledge of animal behavior and look for warning signs of aggression. By asserting dominance to the pets, you can ensure they know who is the leader of the pack.

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