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Dog Shot After Biting Newport News Police Officer

A pit bull has been shot by police in Newport News after biting an officer. Authorities say they were responding to a possible burglary in progress when a pit bull bounded out of the home in question. It bit one officer on the arm before letting go and charging at another. The officer shot the dog as it ran towards them. That officer was thankfully not attacked or bit.

The dog has been taken to a local vet for treatment, but no update has been given on its chances of survival. The injured police officer is said to be doing okay after the attack. Police are still investigating the incident.

Pit Bull Bites

Pit bulls have a nasty reputation, and incidents like this one certainly do not help their image. While some might argue that the dog was simply protecting its owner from strangers, others would say the violent dog was out of control and dangerous to everyone around it. While the debate continues about the safety of keeping pit bulls as pets, everyone will likely agree that this owner needed to keep better control of their pet.

Obedience Training

Pit bulls are not necessarily more violent than other types of dogs, but they are one of the strongest breeds. They’ve also been trained to bite hard and not let go easily. Because of this, obedience training is even more necessary than it is for the average dog. It’s also important to always keep such dogs on a leash when in public.

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