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How Dog Repellent Can Prevent Attacks, Injuries

Dog repellent isn’t something most of us have much use for. For most people, dogs are beloved family pets or adorable neighbors. For postal workers, though, dogs can be more than a nuisance. More than 3,000 postal workers are involved in dog attacks each year. For that reason, dog repellent has become a popular option for anyone with a delivery route.

Made up of the same chemicals used in pepper spray, dog repellent is a safe spray used only when dogs are in attack mode. Postal workers are encouraged only to use the repellent when being actively attacked by a vicious dog. Should they need to use it, the spray’s effects wear off after ten minutes or so and leaves no permanent damage. The repellent also leaves a yellow mark that can be washed off with water, but serves as an easy way to identify dogs that may be rabid.

Dog repellent is a last resort for postal workers just hoping to do their jobs. Thankfully, the spray has been tested multiple times and has been approved for use by several animal rights groups. Dog repellent is not, however, a replacement for responsible pet owners. If you own a dog who is troubled by strangers, be proactive and ensure it cannot access postal workers and other delivery employees. Should your dog bite someone, you can be held responsible for the person’s medical bills and see your home insurance rates skyrocket.

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