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Dog Involved in Fatal Attack Had Violent History

Investigations into the fatal pit bull attack of a Virginia Beach senior citizen reveal shocking conclusions: the dog in question had lashed out violently before. The Virginian-Pilot recently published an extensive piece detailing the history of the dog in question, a pit bull named Blue. Adopted out of the Forever Home shelter in Virginia Beach, Blue fatally attacked a 90-year-old woman the first night in his new home.

Investigations reveal Blue bit a child back in December and landed in a New York City municipal shelter. The bite broke the child’s skin, reports say. A Pennsylvania-based shelter took Blue in and placed him in a foster home. A volunteer with the Pennsylvania shelter remembers how poorly behaved the dog was, and how frequently he grabbed things with his mouth. Though the volunteer says Blue never hurt anyone in her home, additional training was necessary. It’s unclear whether he ever received such training.

When Blue was adopted by a Virginia Beach woman, no details on the dog’s history of violence were given. She was warned, though, that the dog had been adopted out twice and returned both times out of fear of the dog’s behavior. There are no laws compelling shelters or animal rescues to disclose the history of aggressive dogs.

Perhaps there should be. Given this dog’s violent past, perhaps the woman who adopted him would have chosen another pet. The violent and painful death of her mother was a shock no animal lover could have anticipated.

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