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How Dangerous Are Pit Bulls, Exactly?

Pit bulls are dangerous.

That’s the stereotype, at least. It’s a belief that stops pit bulls from being adopted from animal shelters and prevents tenants with the dog from moving into some communities. But is the stereotype true?

13NewsNow recently reported on this very topic. Pit bulls accounted for 65 percent of all fatal dog attacks in the last 12 years. An animal shelter in Arlington, Virginia ranks dog bites in severity on a scale from one to six, with level six bites being fatal. The shelter says of the 10 level four bites they’ve dealt with this year so far, half were caused by pit bulls.

It’s true: pit bulls are fast, strong and aggressive. But experts say their size and extra wide mouths get them into trouble – they are no more aggressive than your average chihuahua. The difference is size and strength. It’s easy to fight off an attack chihuahua, but a vicious pit bull can be difficult to fend off.

There’s a common misconception that pit bulls possess a locking jaw that allows them to better grip when biting. Experts say that is simply not true. Pit bulls, like all other dogs, can bite down and lock their jaw, but the difference is in the size of their mouths, not the grip. Because pit bulls can open their mouths very wide, they tend to get a better grip than a smaller dog might.

13NewsNow concluded that while pit bulls are aggressive, they’re not the most aggressive of breeds. They don’t possess any kind of special lock jaw biting power, and bite the same way any other dog might. Are pit bulls the most dangerous kind of dog? Only you can decide for yourself.

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