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80-year-old Stafford Man Attacked by Neighbor’s Dog 3 Times

An elderly Stafford County, Virginia man was attacked by his neighbor’s Great Dane three times within a few weeks. The latest attack has left him without part of his right ear.

The victim was standing in his own yard making small talk with the dog owner when suddenly the Great Dane, on leash, bit him taking off a chunk of his right ear.  Not only did the dog bite off part of the victim’s ear, but reportedly also ate it. The 80-year-old man had to undergo reconstructive surgery and received 60 stitches. About a week before this incident, the same Great Dane bit the victim twice on his right arm.

Another resident in the neighborhood says that the dog’s owner often allows his dogs to walk with him off leash. The resident told Fox5DC that he will not walk out of is house without a gun for fear of being attacked by the dog.

At a civil hearing, the animal control officer recommended that the dog be deemed vicious. However, the judge ruled against him and declared the dog dangerous, ultimately sparing the dog’s life.

Vicious Dogs

In Virginia, a dog is declared a “vicious dog” when it has 1) killed a person, 2) inflicted serious injury to a person, or 3) continued to exhibit the behavior that resulted in a previous finding by a court or, by an animal control officer that it is a dangerous dog. When a dog is deemed vicious it must be humanely euthanized. In addition, if the dog’s owner was blatantly irresponsible in the control of the animal leading to an attack, they may be charged with a class 6 felony.

Dangerous Dogs

When a dog is deemed dangerous, the dog owner must register the animal as a “dangerous dog” and follow strict rules provided by the state. Such rules may include posting a dangerous dog sign, confining the dog indoors, and muzzling the dog when in public. Noncompliance may result in a misdemeanor to the dog’s owner. If the dog ‘s owner is irresponsible in the control of the animal resulting in bodily harm to a person, the dog’s owner may be charged with a class 6 felony.

We can only hope that the dog’s owner will comply with the dangerous dog requirements so no one else is attacked.

Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog bite is a devastating experience, especially when the victim is a small child. Victims of dog attacks face serious physical injuries, permanent scarring, and emotional trauma. Our Virginia dog bite lawyers represent innocent victims throughout Virginia — children, delivery drivers, postal workers, joggers, pedestrians, and anyone else attacked by a dog.

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A Mississippi woman has died after being brutally attacked by her son’s pet pit bull. The attack occurred in early September when the woman went outside to feed the dog. The dog attacked her, brutally mauling her and biting her thighs, neck and head. He proceeded to attack for four hours. 

The woman was eventually found and taken to the hospital where both of her legs had to be amputated. Sadly, she succumbed to her injuries 12 days after the attack. Despite the passing of his sister, the victim’s brother says he does not blame the breed. Instead, he says the dog likely had rabies which caused him to attack the woman.

The dog in question has a history of violence. The owner of the dog, the son of the victim, says he had been attacked by the dog in the past. The man shot the dog when he found it attacking his mother. Had it been put down after the first attack, this man might still have his mother around.

We send our condolences to the man and his family. A loss like this one is difficult, but made more so given the history of the dog in question. While not all pit bulls are dangerous, there are some disturbing trends that make pit bull ownership questionable.

If you have a pit bull as a pet, be on guard for violent behavior and never leave a child unattended in the presence of a dog. While the pit bull debate will likely go on for years, there’s no denying they can be dangerous.

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Animal lovers are passionate about rescuing dogs from shelters where they risk be euthanized. But experts say that the informal network of dog lovers who transport animals across state lines is unregulated to an unsafe degree. An elderly woman in Virginia Beach died earlier this year when her recently adopted dog attacked. The dog came from a pet rescue, but was brought in from New York where it had previously attacked another person.

Experts say many of these pet lover networks formed after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. Rescuers took in dogs abandoned in the hurricane and brought them to states where foster families could work to adopt them out to families. With the infrastructure in place, volunteers passionate about “no-kill” shelters have continued to bring dogs into states where euthanasia is less practiced.

While fewer animals euthanized is indeed a great goal, unfortunately, this mission comes at a cost: the transport of dogs with violent histories and no way to track their past. Had the Virginia Beach woman known about the dog’s violent past, she would likely have chosen a different pet. Until rules or regulations are officially put into place, though, things are unlikely to change.

If you and your family are interested in adopting a dog but aren’t sure of the animal’s past, do all you can to investigate before bringing the dog into your home. Choosing a dog that was born and has always lived in your state can reduce the chances of adopting a pet with a violent history.

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When a family is considering adding to its ranks by adopting a new pet, it can be overwhelming to try and select the perfect one, especially if you’re choosing from dogs at a shelter or animal rescue. As evidenced by the horrific attack on a senior citizen earlier this year in Virginia Beach, even the friendliest looking pups can be violent mere hours after being brought home.

So how do you know you’re choosing the right dog for your family?

Go with a plan. Don’t just show up at a shelter with the kids hoping to bring a dog home that day. Instead, make a list of the kinds of breeds that are right for your family. In fact, consider leaving the kids at home. They’ll be excited for any dog you bring home, and you’ll stay focused on finding the dog that’s right for your home.

Meet and greet. Even if you pick out a few contenders online before you head to the shelter, make sure you get a chance to meet the dog in person before agreeing to adopt them. Look for signs of friendliness: tails wagging, torsos wiggling and eyes squinting are all great signs.

Ask an expert. A dog can live with your family for more than a decade, if you’re lucky, so if you’re really hoping to find the pooch that’s right for you, bring a dog trainer along. These behavioral experts will be able to spot things you don’t and hone in on the dog that’s right for you. It might cost you a little now, but it’ll pay off for years to come!

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Our attorneys have been helping victims injured in accidents caused by someone else’s negligence for over 28 years. . We are also sensitive to the need to conduct a prompt investigation, which is necessary to prevail in the case against the person responsible.  If you’d like to speak with us about your situation contact us.

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Police are on the hunt for two dogs believed to have attacked a person in James City county. The bites occurred on August 18, 2017, but the dogs have still not been located. Police say the dogs will not necessarily be confiscated, but will be placed on an in-home confinement period of 10 days. If the dogs aren’t located soon, the person bitten will be forced to undergo treatment for rabies, something no one wants to undergo. It is believed that the two dogs in question are schnauzers whose family lives in the Fenwick Hills subdivision of James City county.

When a person is bit by dogs on the loose, it can be difficult for the victim to seek the appropriate treatment afterward. If the dogs were indeed rabid, the victim will need to undergo expensive, life-saving treatment.

Anyone with knowledge of the incident or who might have been involved is encouraged to call the Peninsula Health District – Williamsburg Area Environmental Health Office at 757-603-4277.

We send our best wishes to the person bit a speedy and complete recovery.

Similar to German Shepherds, giant schnauzers were bred to assist soldiers in Germany. Though the dogs tend to be fiercely loyal and incredibly intelligent, they can also be anxious around strangers and lash out violently.

Like with any dog, we encourage strangers to avoid approaching animals they don’t know. Even the friendliest of dogs can act unpredictably around people they haven’t met before. Always ask dog owners before reaching out to pet unfamiliar dogs.

Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer – Richard Serpe

Our attorneys have been helping victims injured in accidents caused by someone else’s negligence for over 28 years. . We are also sensitive to the need to conduct a prompt investigation, which is necessary to prevail in the case against the person responsible.  If you’d like to speak with us about your situation contact us.

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