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Breed Bans and Public Safety

When a community has been affected by a dog attack, breed bans are a go-to strategy to combat fears among locals. But are breed bans effective? Some say no.

Dog breeds are constantly up for debate. Even veterinarians struggle to determine what breed a dog may or may not be. Given the mixing between breeds and the fact that shelter dogs do not often come with registration papers, it can be downright impossible to determine what breed a dog may be.

Some argue that breed bans are unconstitutional. In fact, several states have outlawed breed bans. Others say breed bans violate pet owners’ right to due process. Everyone from the Obama Administration to the Humane Society have come out in opposition to breed bans.

In the Netherlands, a 15 year ban on pit bulls was revoked after finding it was ineffective. A Canadian study found similar results: that there was no difference in the numbers of dog bites in communities with breed bans than in those without the bans.

Still, experts agree that dangerous dogs should be labeled as such. After a violent attack, the animal should be neutered, microchipped and forced to wear a muzzle in public. Owners should post signs alerting passersby to the dangerous dog on property, and buy personal liability insurance in case an attack happens again.

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