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Around 1:15 p.m. on March 3, 2013, two children were viciously attacked by a pit bull on Corann Drive in King William County. According to WRIC, the children were playing outside when a pit bull from a nearby home chased and attacked them.

The 9 year-old boy was released from the hospital after being treated for injuries to the chest. The 8 year-old girl suffered sever injuries to the neck and her thumb which was bitten off. The girl underwent surgery but is still in serious condition.

Virginia Laws Concerning Dog Bite Liability
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year 800,000 Americans are seen by a medical professional for dog bites. Half of those people are children. In addition, over 300,000 of those injured will need treatment from an emergency facility and around 16 of those will die.

UPDATE: Owner of Pit Bull that Attacked Two Children in King William Charged

At a yard sale in Newport News on Scottland Terrace in the Riverside area, a young child was bitten in the face by a dog. The bite occurred on Saturday. The child involved in the accident is four years old.

Animal Control has stated that the owner of the dog had two dogs on leashes at the yard sale. At the time of the bite, the owner was not holding on to the dog that bit the child. The owner of the dog claimed the dog was current on its rabies vaccinations and left.

At this time the owner and the dog have not been identified. The dog was described as being either an Australian Cattle Dog or a Blue Healer. If the dog is not identified the child will have to undergo rabies shots as a preventative measure. Newport News Animal Control is looking for any information regarding the bite.

Virginia Dog Bite Laws
In Virginia there are currently no laws or “leash laws” that regulate the responsibilities of a dog owner. Instead Virginia allows local jurisdictions to set their own regulations. These regulations could be “leash laws,” requirements to have their dogs under “immediate control,” or ordinances, which state that it is the duty of the owner to exercise reasonable care in order to prevent the dog from “running at large.”

Virginia does have statewide rules governing “dangerous” or “vicious” dogs. A “dangerous dog” is defined as a dog that has bitten, attacked, or injured a person, or has injured or killed another domestic animal. A “vicious dog” is defined as a dog ho has killed or seriously injured a person.

A dog attack can be a devastating experience especially when the victim is a small child. Many dog bite victims face serious physical injuries, scars, and emotional trauma. Our Virginia dog bite lawyers represent victims of dog bites and dog attacks throughout Virginia. If you’ve hurt by someone else’s dog, you have legal rights. Call or Email us to set up a free consultation with one of our Virginia Dog Bite Lawyers.