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A 13-year-old boy was killed and two others injured in a vicious dog attack in Paterson, NJ.

On Friday, February 28th, 2014, a bullmastiff somehow got loose and started chasing after two teens. The dog bit one of the boys on the hand, and then began chasing after the two teens. When one of the boys did not return home, his family reported him missing.

Sadly the boy was killed and his remains were found behind the home where the dog lived. Reports also say that sometime before the boy was found, the dog attacked it’s owner.

It is not known why the dog attacked three people, but a necropsy is scheduled to see if the bullmastiff had contracted rabies before the attack.

Virginia Dog Bite & Attack Lawyers

Dog bites are terrible things, made all the more awful when the event is fatal. I have seen too many dog bites and attacks in my line of work to know that, more often than not, it was simply a matter of the owner being negligent and not ensuring that the dog was properly-restrained. All dog owners should make sure at all times that their pets are not risks to the general public.

We’re all familiar with the terrible stories of people getting attacked by vicious dogs, but did you know that cat bites can result in hospitalizations, too?

Recent research have shown that, while cats’ mouths are no dirtier than dogs’ or even humans’ mouths, their small, sharp teeth can more effectively puncture human skin, injecting harmful bacteria deep where it is difficult to treat. “They can seed bacteria in the joint and tendon sheaths,” according to an official with the Mayo Clinic. Joints and tendon sheaths enjoy relative protection from the immune system, creating an ideal growing habitat for bacteria.

Of the nearly-200 cat bites that occurred between 2009 and 2011, fifty-seven patients were hospitalized for their injuries, while thirty-eight of those patients needed surgery to clean the injury or even remove infected tissue. Some even needed reconstructive surgery. Many patients were treated with antibiotics, though over ten per cent of these treatments were ineffective and the patients ended up hospitalized anyway.

Dog bites are more immediately dangerous—a dog is almost certainly going to be more powerful than a cat—but that doesn’t change the fact that cat bites can be injurious and potentially-life threatening. As a personal injury attorney who specializes in animal attacks, I have seen too many people injured by vicious pets—and I know how important it is to be fairly compensated for one’s injuries or hospital bills. If another person’s animal has caused you harm, it’s not your fault—the fault is on the owner, as is the obligation to pay for your injuries and your troubles.

Despite the fact that dogs can be man’s best friend, not all of these animals are as cute as they appear. Unfortunately, there are times when a dog decides to attack. The end result is often times serious injury or even death.

Recently, a pit bull attacked and killed a Maltese in a Spotsylvania County neighborhood. Furthermore, the dog then took to chasing children throughout the area.

A 32-year-old woman from Hastings Court is the owner of the pill bull that was involved in the January attack. She has been charged by authorities with two misdemeanors, including not having a county license for the dog and letting it run at large. Each charge carries the possibility of a $250 fine.

On February 28, a local judge will determine if the woman should pay for both charges as well as whether or not her dog should be labeled “dangerous.” In the state of Virginia, a dangerous dog is “a canine or canine crossbreed that has bitten, attacked or inflicted injury on a person or companion animal that is a dog or cat, or killed a companion animal that is a dog or cat.”

Have you or a loved one been attacked by a dog?

In the event that you or a loved one is injured in a dog attack, the first step is to receive immediate medical attention. From there, contacting a personal injury attorney could prove to be in your best interest.

Over the years, we have represented many dog bite victims throughout Virginia. If you’ve been attacked or bitten by a dog because the owner was careless, our Virginia dog bite lawyers may be able to assist you. Call to setup a free consultation, or to simply ask a confidential question.

A supervisor in Carroll County, Virginia is drawing attention to the state’s dangerous dog registry.

The supervisor’s advocacy comes on the heels of Carroll County’s unsuccessfully trying to pass a more restrictive dog ordinance in an effort to reduce dog bites. The supervisor stated that he was unsure if Carroll County was included on the state’s registry of dangerous animals, but that it should be—and that the registry can be an invaluable tool for highlighting and avoiding dangerous animals around the state. A dog’s being placed on the dangerous registry results when it has attacked and killed a companion animal, or attacked a person; a court can then declare the dog to be legally vicious.

As a Norfolk-Virginia based personal injury lawyer—and one who handles dog bite cases on a regular basis—I know how critical a dangerous dog registry is in ensuring that the public is aware of vicious animals in the area. I applaud Carroll County’s efforts to raise awareness of the potential for dangerous animal attacks, and I hope their efforts can reduce the number of dog bites and attack incidents in their area. Nobody should be afraid of being attacked by an animal when they go outside—and a dangerous dog registry is an excellent way to know how high that risk runs in your area.

Virginia Dog Bite has a story on a set of proposed rules in Chesapeake, Virginia, that would limit the amount of time one could leave a dog tethered outdoors.

According to the news outlet, Chesapeake City Council is considering passing new regulations that make it illegal to tether a dog unattended for more than an hour outside, and mandate that a dog’s leash must be at least three times the length of its body.

The rules would also forbid one’s tethering of dogs six months or younger, as well as dogs in heat. If a pet owner violated these laws, he or she would face $250 in fines. The nearby cities of Virginia Beach, Portsmouth and Norfolk have already limited tethering to three hours per day, and the cities of Hampton and Suffolk have already banned the practice.

<a href="http://virginiadogbitelawyer slimming diet”>Last year I wrote about the tendency for tethered dogs to become aggressive and vicious; studies have shown that tying a dog up for too long can create dangerous tendencies in the animal. If the new rules will lead to less vicious dogs in the city, then it is worth it. Dog bites are terrible, potentially fatal injuries that can change lives forever, and we should be working towards ensuring that there are less vicious dogs, and less chances for devastating dog attacks, whenever we can.

I operate a personal injury law firm in Norfolk, which is near Chesapeake, and I have seen enough dog bite cases to know how awful they can be. My attorneys and I specialize in handling cases for dog bite victims, and we know how to fight for our clients against negligent pet owners who should have taken better care of their animals. If you were attacked by a vicious animal through no fault of your own, let us help you—it is not your fault, and the medical bills should not be yours to pay.