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Adoption Tips: Your Guide to Finding a Safe Pet for Your Family

When a family is considering adding to its ranks by adopting a new pet, it can be overwhelming to try and select the perfect one, especially if you’re choosing from dogs at a shelter or animal rescue. As evidenced by the horrific attack on a senior citizen earlier this year in Virginia Beach, even the friendliest looking pups can be violent mere hours after being brought home.

So how do you know you’re choosing the right dog for your family?

Go with a plan. Don’t just show up at a shelter with the kids hoping to bring a dog home that day. Instead, make a list of the kinds of breeds that are right for your family. In fact, consider leaving the kids at home. They’ll be excited for any dog you bring home, and you’ll stay focused on finding the dog that’s right for your home.

Meet and greet. Even if you pick out a few contenders online before you head to the shelter, make sure you get a chance to meet the dog in person before agreeing to adopt them. Look for signs of friendliness: tails wagging, torsos wiggling and eyes squinting are all great signs.

Ask an expert. A dog can live with your family for more than a decade, if you’re lucky, so if you’re really hoping to find the pooch that’s right for you, bring a dog trainer along. These behavioral experts will be able to spot things you don’t and hone in on the dog that’s right for you. It might cost you a little now, but it’ll pay off for years to come!

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