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12-Year-Old Viciously Attacked by Bullmastiff

A preteen from Indiana is recovering after a terrifying attack from a neighborhood dog. The incident occurred November 10th in Michigan City, Indiana. Authorities say the girl had been walking to school when a bullmastiff attacked. The girl ran inside a neighbor’s home, but the dog followed her inside and continued to attack. The dog could only be stopped by locking him in another room with the help of neighbors and police.

Reports indicate that the victim was bit all over her body, with only her face and left leg escaping attack. She was hospitalized in Indianapolis and has undergone four surgeries thus far. The road ahead for this young girl is likely rough. We send her our best wishes for a full recovery.

Even after the physical scars from this attack fade, the victim will likely bear the burden of the incident in her mind for the rest of her life. Children who are attacked by dogs often develop serious phobias of dogs that can haunt them for a lifetime. PTSD is also not uncommon in young dog attack victims.

It’s unclear who the dog belongs to or why it was roaming the street at the time of the attack. The bullmastiff in question has been quarantined until a decision is made about its fate. A criminal investigation into the attack is still underway.

If you worry about being attacked by neighborhood dogs, it may be a good idea to carry dog repellant on your person. The harmless spray acts on dogs the way pepper spray does on humans. Though it may sting in the moment, it does no permanent damage to the dog.

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